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The Glocke Team

Where guests become friends

Hosts Sonja and Sebastian Schmid are the second generation to run the Hotel Glocke. Sebastian’s father, Bernhard-Schmid-Heinzmann, continues to host the Aabäsizz and his mother, Hanny, is always there when needed. In addition, our staff make sure that you feel completely at home.

A strong team for your perfect holiday.



Sonja Schmid
Sonja Schmid-Gottsponer

Host since 2017

Excursion tip:
sunrise on the Sidelhorn

Sebastian David Schmid

Host since 2017

Excursion tip:
the Stoneman Glaciara Tour between Reckingen and Mörel (a tough mountain bike trail:

Hanny Schmid-Heinzmann

Senior host since 1987

Excursion tip:
relax on our seesaw above Reckingen and enjoy the view!

Bernhard «Gioco» Schmid

Senior Host since 1987

Excursion tip:
a visit to the Goggwäärgjini in the Blinnental valley

Lucas Lergier

Head chef since 2018

Excursion tip:
hiking to the Galmihornhütte, followed by a refreshing beer.

Dina de Jesus Pereira

Hauswirtschaft seit 2010

Excursion tip:
Adventure trail circular walk between Reckingen and Gluringen

Petra Wirthgen

Service since 2015

Excursion tip:
exploring the Twingischlucht and art exhibitions in the Binntal.

Barbara Walpen

Service and reception since 2018

Excursion tip:
hiking in the Blinnental.

Sibylle Kalbermatter

Service and housekeeping since 2020

Excursion tip:
exploring the inner life of the Rhone glacier.

Natalia Theler

Service and housekeeping since 2021

Excursion tip:
hiking the Gommer Höhenweg (alpine trail) from Bellwald to Reckingen.

Elke Jentsch

Service since 2021

Excursion tip:
bike riding in the Binntal.

Celina Hense

Service since 2019

Excursion tip:
snowshoeing at Hungerberg.

Tanîa Sofia Ferreira Machado

Housekeeping since 2021

Excursion tip:
a winter walk from Münster to Reckingen along the romantic fisherman’s path.

Cristiana Urbani

Housekeeping since 2021

Excursion tip:
enjoying a quiet moment by the Stalenkapelle.

Stefanie Guntern

Apprentice Hotel Communication
specialist since 2020

Excursion tip:
hiking to the Distelsee (lake) under the Brudelhorn (mountain).

Madlen Bortis

Reception since 2021

Excursion tip:
E-bike tour to Chäserstatt

Bruna da Silvia Dias

Housekeeping since 2021

Excursion tip:
Steam train ride over the Furka Pass

Miguel Monteiro Dias

Allrounder since 2021

Excursion tip:
Ski tour on the Chastlhorn