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Our philosophy

Rest, recreation, and inspiration

The Hotel Glocke in the Goms valley was opened in 1987. Since then, our goal has been to offer you an eventful and unforgettable stay in Wallis. That is why we rely on the following approaches:


  • In principle, the hotel is reserved exclusively for our guests. However, we are happy to welcome external guests by prior arrangement.
  • We cultivate authentic regional dishes. We grind the organic grains for our dough and bake our bread in-house. We also follow the “nose to tail” philosophy for meat. All dishes are prepared freshly each day and with great care.
  • The hotel was built along ecological guidelines. The original wood chip heating system was recently replaced by a pellet system. We also attached great importance to sustainable construction in our new Goggwäärgji extension.
  • We would like to offer a place for contacts, conversation, and informal, relaxed get-togethers. The centrepiece is our large lounge with its wood burning tiled stove.
  • At the weekly “Aabäsizz“, there are stories (Zelletä, Luginä and Boozägschichte) accompanied by the sounds of the dulcimer, and songs and poems set to music, all in the traditional Walliser dialect.
  • We have a large selection of wooden board and parlour games.
  • To help counterbalance our hectic everyday lives, there are no televisions in the rooms. This gives you the opportunity to relax and meet other guests. If you do not want to miss a programme, a screen is available in the television room.

Quelle: Schweiz Tourismus I André Meier

Do you already know Gindulin and Serafina, our house Goggwäärgjini?

“Goggwäärgjini” are small, bearded, Celtic creatures that usually live in the deepest forest in a cave. But not our Goggwäärgjini. Gindulin and Serafina are our faithful friends who provide an exciting experience for every guest. They play pranks and sneak around the hotel without noticing. See for yourself and dive into the mysterious world of Goggwäärgjini “Gindulin” and “Serafina”.



Thinking about sustainability

Seasonality, homemade and regionality
Sustainability is close to our hearts:

  • Waste, as well as paper, cardboard, glass, PET, oil, etc. are professionally separated and disposed of. We use biodegradable products for cleaning.
  • Leftover menus from the previous evening are prepared for the staff or sold for “too good to go”. Kitchen waste is turned into biogas and fresh waste into compost.
  • Our pellet heating system (Valais Pellets from the Goms forest) provides cosy warmth.
  • A waste disposal box is available for hotel guests in the bike/ski room.
  • We do not use disposable bathing shoes for our guests and sell bathing flip-flops from “Re use me” at cost price.
  • Refillable glass containers for shampoo and shower gel from Trash Hero are available in the rooms. Trash Hero products are free of silicones and parabens.
  • In the kitchen, we focus on regionality and home-made food:
  • We buy our meat and cheese from local farmers and dairies. We order whole animals from the farmer or hunter, which are then gutted by the local butcher. We always use the whole animal according to the motto “from head to toe”.
  • When choosing wine and drinks, the following criteria are important to us: regional, organic, PIWI (fungus-resistant grape varieties) and long business relationships.
  • The guest can select his individual room cleaning in the room via QR code.
  • An e-charging station for electric cars is available for our guests.

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